About Us

On Your Toes Company was established in 1986 by Laynie Terban.

Dedicated to the dance and fitness industry with a background in fashion, Laynie put this artistic combination together, to create an upbeat, high-energy retail store where dancers of all ages and expertise could shop to find the latest and hottest trends. For over 29 years Laynie has been a part of the dance community and selling products from manufactures from all over the country. As a highly skilled fitter Laynie is committed to quality and fit every step of the way, beginning students through advanced performers can respect and value her expertise!

Our continued success has been because of you… our dedicated, loyal customers! It has been our goal to provide personal, direct, professional exact fittings, which a catalog will not provide! No extra charges! No shipping fees! Instant merchandise in stock!

We want to express our sincere thanks to you, our valued customer and friend for shopping On Your Toes where it is our pleasure to fit your dance needs… we offer you our pledge of continued excellent service.

Happy Dancing!
Laynie Terban - Owner